C.G. Productions deals with any genre and / or format of film. The company provides complete production facilites, including equipment, technicians, locations, permissions, clearances etc.

 C.G. Productions’ work normally involves supervision and coordination of legal, financial, artistic and general management matters associated with pre-production, production, post-production and distribution of a film or video project.

Brief description of Carlos Guimarães’s (C.G. Productions) experience and qualifications:

Extensive experience in the field of media communications, including consultancy, production and direction of multi-media, video and film formats. Experienced in financial planning, research, public relations, legal negotiations, tour arrangements, location scouting, wholesale and retail sales, marketing, and design of business plans. He is also a writer, a director of radio programs and a photographer.

Current position held by Carlos Guimarães:

Film Producer and Advertising Film Director


Former positions:

President of Brazilian National Film Institute

Executive Producer of Cinema International Corporation in Brazil (Paramount, Metro and Universal Pictures)

Operation Director of Embrafilme (Brazilian National Film Enterprise)

Producer of  12 Brazilian Films

President of Gramado Brazilian Film Festival



Telefax :  (55  - 31) 2552 5278  2552 5268 - mobile 55-31- 8494 4660

Address: Rua Colômbia n 90 andar 3 Sion   Belo Horizonte  MG   Brasil

cep 30 720=190

E-mail : cg@uol.com.br 

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   Filming in Brazil

Legal Procedures

In Brazil, just like in most countries, there are laws regulating the circumstances under which foreigners are allowed to work, as well as strict rules regarding the temporary admittance of equipment.
If these laws are not observed, you may face serious legal problems and undesired costs, not only at customs but also on location.

Basic Procedures

According to the law, in order to film in Brazil, you must hire a Brazilian company registered at Secretaria do Audiovisual (Culture Office). The first thing you must do to get your process started is send a synopsis of your project to your Brazilian production company. Based on this synopsis, a budget is established and contract between you and the Brazilian company is signed.

Next, you must provide the company with a list of all non-Brazilian technicians and the estimated dates of their arrival and departure. This list should contain their name, profession, nationality, passport number (please enclose a photocopy of the first pages) and salary.

This list must be endorsed by SINDCINE and Secretaria do Audiovisual.

The Ministry of Labour demands the payment of a sum, corresponding to 10% of all foreign expenses, to the competent Union.

For every three foreign technicians working in Brazil, you must locally hire two Brazilian technicians.
The contracts of your local employees must be registered at the Union and at the Ministry of Labour by your Brazilian production company.

After your project receives the approval from Secretaria do Audiovisual, the Brazilian Foreing Office, Itamaraty, will issue the temporary work permits for your foreing crew and send them to the Brazilian Consulate in the country of departure.


You should make a complete list of the equipment, mentioning serial number and value of all items. It is preferable that you group this information according to the packing list of your boxes. After having this list stamped by your Chamber of Commerce, send it to your Brazilian production company, so that they can start the process of obtaining temporary admission.